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   For anyone pursuing ambitions in art it can be quite a challenge to develop a personal and distinctive style, to establish direct contact with one's work, a genuine connection.

  We organize creative art workshops with a strong focus on searching, experimenting, tearing down the usual boundaries and looking beyond, and this in a contemporary framework and a positive creative atmosphere. A European approach that can bring you one step closer to artistic and spiritual fulfillment. During this workshop we will digest a creative program with an individual angle, in which I will motivate you to explore and challenge your decisions.

   During the first day of the workshop we will mainly use pencils, charcoal and gouache paint to set out exploring and outline initial creative development. On the second day we will continue our creative journey with oil painting.

   The workshops are oriented to teenagers and adults who already have a certain artistic background, whether educational or autodidactic, and want to reach out further. If you've never drawn or painted before, or if you are only interested in traditional art, then this workshop is probably not for you.

   The workshops will be held in English and Chinese simultaneous.






Who we are

Jan Gaudissabos / Creative art workshops China 艺术创意工坊

   Jan Gaudissabois is a Belgian who has been active in the creative field for many years, and in different branches. Mainly focused on drawing and abstract painting, he also has a career in animation, and experience in photography, videography, mono-type printing and even stone carving. Jan has lived in several different countries and is now located in Dalian, China.
Jan's personal website is www.sobie.net.


Jan Gaudissabos / Creative art workshops China 艺术创意工坊